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Landfill Biomethane Projects

Landfills typically grow in size over time, and as a result, volumes of methane gas produced by landfills are constantly increasing.

Case Studies

Element Markets taps this abundant resource to create biomethane, which is sold to the electricity and transportation sectors as renewable natural gas. This gas will be used as a replacement for fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum and natural gas.

We have extensive development expertise, deep experience in environmental commodity markets and strong relationships in the waste sector. Combine these strengths and Element Markets becomes the ideal partner on landfill biomethane (sometimes referred to as High BTU) projects. Our biomethane is injected into pipelines and sold as power and fuel to help clients meet Renewable Portfolio Standard and Renewable Fuel Standard requirements. Instead of the usual practice of venting or flaring the landfill methane into the air, clean energy is produced, resulting in millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas reductions.

Our high BTU projects employ the latest technology to remove carbon dioxide and other impurities from landfill gas, resulting in a product that is more than 95-percent methane with the heating value of natural gas. Recent advancements and higher returns on the finished gas have made high-BTU projects a viable and highly valuable option for landfills. We are currently developing several projects that are expected to produce more than 2,000,000 MMBTUs annually at start-up.

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